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They love us already

"Extended payment terms is the added services that customers on B2B marketplace  have been waiting for."

Emma Gill
Marketplace expert

"We've seen an increase in customer acquisition and sales volumes since implementing"

Aaron Lyons
Marketplace operator

"After implementing B2B terms as a service, we conducted a customer survey and satisfaction was through the roof!"

Erik Barber
Marketplace operators

"I love how quick and easy it was to implement: we worked with the teams at TERMS and Marjory and within a few days, the service was activated."

Jennie Rivera
Marketplace owner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a payment service provider that offers extended payment terms to B2B marketplace buyers at the time of purchase. 

How does it work?

We conduct all KYC due diligence and credit checks at the time of onboarding B2B customers, and automatically calculate the amount of credit available to them at the time of the transaction. Should they opt to delay payment, pays the seller on behalf of the buyer, and automatically collects repayment at the end of the credit tenor. Credit amounts are adjusted for each new transaction based on the buyer's profile and payment history.

Are there fees and who pays them? is a service that adds value to B2B marketplaces' offering, and as such, charges marketplace operators a small fee. The operators can then choose to pass that fee on to customers that use the service, or make it a free add-on, giving the platform a strong competitive advantage for volume growth.

How easy is it to integrate?

We work with our partner Marjory, an Expertise-as-a-Service solution that facilitates the integration of a broad variety of services on marketplace platforms. Once credit conditions have been agreed upon, the Marjory team gets to work and activates in a matter of days.

How long are payment terms?

The length of the payment extension offered to buyers is set by each marketplace, in collaboration with It will depend on factors such as the sector the marketplace operates in, the profile of its buyers and sellers, and its data history.

Where does operate?

At the moment, only operates within the European marketplace landscape.