TERMS for Tradesmen

For independent tradesmen who may not know when the next job will come, TERMS.tech serves as a safety net.

TERMS gives independent tradesmen some room to breathe.

For tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians or even mechanics, business is particularly prone to fluctuations. It can be tough to predict which months will be busy and which will be quiet. But for business to pick up, these independents need the ability to purchase materials, even after a slow season. TERMS.tech allows them to buy what they need, when they need it.

Photo by David Siglin on Unsplash


High flexibility, low commitment

Unlike other forms of financing, which can trap independent repairmen in a cycle of high interest rates and low profits, TERMS works on a transaction-per-transaction basis, ensuring that they only use payment extensions as and when they need them. Upon validation of their marketplace shopping cart, they are presented with their credit options for the transaction in question, which are calculated based on their profile and payment history.

TERMS is the financial tool that was missing from independent tradesmen's belts.

For marketplaces in this sector, TERMS.tech is a unique competitive advantage that can be adjusted to fit their requirements.

Benefits for marketplace operators:
  • Control over payment extension terms
  • Guaranteed payment of marketplace fees by buyers and sellers
  • Fast integration by TERMS.tech partner Marjory
  • Competitive advantage for volume growth
They are already using Terms.tEch

These are a few of the marketplaces that have already integrated TERMS.tech.