TERMS for Construction

Construction contractors typically purchase materials long before their own invoices get paid. TERMS.tech reduces the treasury gap.

TERMS gives contractors better control over their balance sheet.

The construction sector is not unfamiliar with trade credit: studies have shown that construction firms take and offer two to three times more payment extensions than the rest of the economy. Because it generally takes a long time to finish the work and get paid by clients, contractors are used to asking for, but also offering payment extensions. TERMS.tech supports the construction supply chain by giving buyers the credit they need while guaranteeing immediate payment for suppliers after a sale.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

Fast and secure

Because all companies are screened upon onboarding, TERMS.tech adds a layer of security to transactions on construction marketplaces. This removes non-payment risk for sellers, and ensures buyers get the best credit terms according to their company's profile and transaction history. 

TERMS relieves construction suppliers from the burden of extending their own credit to buyers.

For construction marketplace operators, TERMS.tech is a unique competitive advantage that can be adjusted to fit their requirements.

Benefits for marketplace operators:
  • Control over payment extension terms
  • Guaranteed payment of marketplace fees by buyers and sellers
  • Fast integration by TERMS.tech partner Marjory
  • Competitive advantage for volume growth
They are already using Terms.tEch

These are a few of the marketplaces that have already integrated TERMS.tech.