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We are not a regular PSP. We are the world's first payment service provider 100% dedicated to B2B marketplaces. Our expertise, connectors and partners allow the fastest integrations.

Grow sales and margins

Seamlessly, we enable all B2B payment options, challenging the established consensus. Payment terms, fast payment, wire transfer, SDD, escrow, multi-currency...: we got you covered.

Upgrade your onboarding

Onboarding is critical for the user experience on B2B marketplaces, but rarely done well. TERMS allows operators to offer the most user-friendly onboarding experience.

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TERMS for Food

As a sector particularly vulnerable to seasonal changes in activity, foodservice has a lot to gain from the flexibility provided by
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TERMS for Construction

Construction contractors typically purchase their material long before their own invoices get paid. reduces the treasury gap.

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TERMS for Tradesmen

For independant tradesmen who may not know when the next job will come, serves as a safety net.

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TERMS for all industries

The availability of trade credit has been shown to have a positive impact on the success and profitability of small and medium-sized companies of all sectors. Yet for many entrepreneurs, cumbersome and paper-heavy processes are a barrier to access this type of financing. is the hassle-free solution your B2B marketplace clients have been waiting for.

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They love us already

The added service our customers had been waiting for.

"We have seen various marketplaces implementing, and the effect on their customers' satisfaction levels is extremely positive. In many cases, it seems like extended payment terms were the added service customers had been waiting for."

Geert B.
Marketplace expert

I love how easy it was to integrate, and how quickly it
showed results.

"Once we had agreed on the terms and conditions, put us in touch with Marjory, which installed and activated the service on our marketplace in a matter of days. Since then, we have seen a rise in customer acquisition and in the value of shopping carts."

Anne V.
Marketplace operator

TERMS was instrumental in helping us become a leader in the construction sector.

"Since integrating TERMS, our market share has grown by 10%. Offering B2B payment terms to our customers gave us a competitive advantage and firmly positioned us as the top marketplace in the construction sector."

Youssef R.
Marketplace operator
A win-win for buyers and sellers

How TERMS works

Fast credit decisions

TERMS instantly calculates how much credit a buyer is entitled to, based on their credit score and past transactions.

Payment fexibility

TERMS' credit terms acts as a lifeline for marketplace buyers, small businesses that need regular supplies but are strapped on cash.

Instant cashflow

TERMS removes payment delays for sellers on the platform, freeing up valuable cashflow.

No commitment

B2B marketplace customers can choose to opt in or out of the payment terms for each transaction. TERMS provides them with the flexibility they need when they need it.

Paperless process

Buyers no longer need to fill our a paper application and wait several days to get trade credit. With TERMS, they receive approval in a few clicks.

Automated repayment

At the end of the payment terms, TERMS automatically collects repayment from the buyers' bank account, removing the risk of late payment fees.

About us

Meet the Team

Jana Pullova


After mastering the most complex projects in banking, Jana steers TERMS to unlock marketplaces' access to seamless payment terms.

Lode Vermeersch


A recognised asset management and credit insurance leader, Lode pioneers a much needed disruption in the world of SME finance.

Adrian Birlogeanu


As a low-code systems craftsman, Adrian reinvents payment and credit technology for the digital age, the missing piece for B2B marketplaces.

Kenneth Van den Bergh


Kenneth is a master in the science of data for financial services. His trail-blazing work for TERMS is opening new frontiers in trade risk modelling.

Sorin Urziceanu


A low-code practitioner, and a senior Java developer, Sorin is part of the TERMS engineering squad, building tomorrow's SME financial services.

Filip Nicolae


Filip has taken quality engineering to unprecedented levels, ensuring TERMS is the most resilient partner for ambitious marketplaces.

Dries Van Nieuwenhuyse


A thought leader on the role of technology and statistics in organizations, Dries takes SME credit underwriting to a whole new level with TERMS.

Younes Ghammad


Younes is a passionate data scientist. After designing breakthrough innovations in trade credit, and now trains the advanced TERMS models.

Dries Timmermans


Mastering regulatory and compliance challenges, Dries designed TERMS as the most user-friendly payment terms solution for B2B platforms.

Van Tuan Nguyen

Van Tuan

Under Van Tuan's supervision, TERMS is engineered as the most efficient and scalable risk modelling platform, delivering credit where others don't.

Juliette Jolinon


Juliette's magic wand was essential in enabling TERMS' international team (Brussels, Prague, Paris) to deliver on such an ambitious vision.

Christophe Spoerry


A payment expert and a true believer in the marketplace business model, Christophe helps operators to maximise their growth with TERMS.

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